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The ISM®Report on Business® – Manufacturing (PMI®and Non-Manufacturing (NMI®) – are two of the most reliable economic indicators available, providing guidance to supply management professionals, economists, analysts, and government and business leaders. The reports are issued by the ISM Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing business survey committees. 

The ISM Report On Business® continues to be consistent and accurate in indicating the direction of the overall economy, in addition to the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. The reports are available on the first and third business day of each month.

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ISM®'s Manufacturing, Non-Manufacturing, and Hospital Report On Business® gather data monthly through surveys of supply management professionals participating in the Business Survey Committee. The make-up of this committee is determined by industry category and is based on each industry's contribution to Gross Domestic Product.

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Report Release Date Calendar

The Manufacturing ISM Report on Business® is released on the  first business day of the month at 10:00 a.m. (EST). The Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on Business® is released on the third business day of the month at 10:00 a.m. (EST).

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Semi-Annual Economic Forecast

ISM’s Business Survey Committee compiles member views regarding the general business outlook for the upcoming six to eight months in the Semi-Annual Economic Forecast, released in December and May of each year.

Spring Report (2020) Fall Report (2019)

Seasonal Adjustment Factors

Based on input from an independent expert, Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) recently announced the completion of its annual adjustments to the seasonal factors used in the monthly ISM® Manufacturing Report on Business® and the monthly  ISM® Non-Manufacturing Report on Business®.

Seasonal adjustment factors are used to allow for the effects of repetitive intra-year variations resulting primarily from normal differences in weather conditions, various institutional arrangements, and differences attributable to non-movable holidays. It is standard practice to project the seasonal adjustment factors used to calculate the indexes one year ahead (2019).

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