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Upcoming Supply Chain Webinars

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    More and more professionals are talking about blockchain in supply chain.  It is a popular conversation and people are examining the capabilities of blockchain, what the benefits are of using this technology and how they can consider applying it within their organization.

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    Coopetition with Suppliers

    Coopetition – collaboration with another company while simultaneously competing with them – is increasingly pervasive with many business partners, including strategic suppliers.  Unfortunately, many organizations fail to capitalize on opportunities and/or incur unnecessary risk because they fail to employ effective strategies for managing coopetition.  According to our research, 30% of respondents say their companies are “very effective” at managing coopetition, 49% say “somewhat effective,” and 10% say “not effective.”  Another 10% report their companies do not engage in coopetition.

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    Risk mitigation is a critical component to managing your supply chain. With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, you have to plan for things you never knew would happen.  This webinar will give you an update on the status and effects of the Coronavirus on the global supply chain and how you can mitigate risks.  

    This member-exclusive webinar will give you an update on the supply chain effects of the coronavirus as it spreads across the world. Our speakers provide a variety of views on understanding how to assess where you are in the maturity spectrum for events like these and provide examples of how other organizations are planning and updating their risk mitigation strategies..


Earn CEHs Toward Supply Management Recertification

Earn CEHs with each Member-Only Webinar you attend. Each webinar offers 1 CEH, with the opportunity to obtain 12 CEHs annually towards recertification.